If Dee's Walls Could Talk

If Dee's walls could talk, I would move out immediately, but you'd want to move in! I have an opinion, and I'm not afraid to use it! Be sure to view older posts if you haven't stopped by in a while!


Just a little midday Bible study reflection: Grace is God’s unmerited favor…giving me things I don’t deserve and could in no way earn. I’m blessed. I’m thankful. Advertisements

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Follow the Signs…

I’m big into signs. Sometimes, I think that the world is talking to me in the simplest way…always reaffirming when I’m second guessing. I traveled from Seattle to DC and … Continue reading

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…always comes in the morning. Don’t you love those conversations that always stay with you? Some conversations…boy, you have to sleep on and then the next morning, it’s a new … Continue reading

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Can You Dig It?

I am a complete advocate of traditional gender roles. I am so strong…Everday.  Ambition oozes out of my pores. I’m a freakin’ trailblazer. Oh, but when I come home, I … Continue reading

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Magic Bubbles

Even as a young child, I always dreamed of the day I’d find “my place”. The tub wouldn’t be dingy. The curtains wouldn’t be bed sheets. The cans would have … Continue reading

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Ain’t No Half Stepping!

My God-child got her first job recently,  and she called to ask me for advice.  I told her, “Don’t be late on your first day. And don’t be late on … Continue reading

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Simple Necessities

    “It’s amazing what we can start [and stop] with a few words.” – Joyce Meyer Try using these key phrases more often: “I appreciate you.”  “Please.” “Thank You.” … Continue reading

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