If Dee's Walls Could Talk

If Dee's walls could talk, I would move out immediately, but you'd want to move in! I have an opinion, and I'm not afraid to use it! Be sure to view older posts if you haven't stopped by in a while!



There will be a moment/s when you realize that your mom or dad or brother or sister or best friend or love of your life doesn’t truly care for your well-being. Your knees will buckle, and you WILL fall.  Any moment that you stay after that will poke holes in your spirit.  You will lay in bed longer in prayer and protest. God has already answered that prayer before you prayed it. That’s why you start hurting. To force change, because when He gave you all of those other clues you didn’t move in the right direction.  His answer is to elevate yourself, YOURSELF.  Only you can do it. Others can assist, but this journey is yours.

When you lose someone/something, you need a replacement to quell the pain. That is why it seems that people change friends or lovers or jobs or residences so often, or even settle with friends or lovers or things that don’t truly feed their needs. We all have done it one way or another.  Filling yourself up with positive vibes is necessary to avoid rebounding.

Do something positive for yourself, and something positive for someone who really needs it. Volunteer, pick up trash in your neighborhood, make care packages for orphans or the elderly. These things will make you feel warm inside. As far as your ish goes, you know what your faults are better than anyone else. Overcome something you’ve always wanted to. This coupled with acts of service to others will start to get you over the hump. Be good to yourself. Change up your routine. If you’re always in the street, stay in more. If you’re always Netflix and Chillin’, go out more.

If you want something different, you have to let something go. If you are untrusting, you won’t attract trusting people.  If you want love, you have to be love. If you want peace, your life has to speak peace.  It’s not to say that something you don’t want won’t come your way. It’s that you will easily dismiss it when it does.

Don’t invite too many people to your misery party either. Most can’t fix their own ish, and some will revel in your pain. God guides you. Go to a clergyman, a therapist, or a great friend or relative, but ultimately the next step is up to you.

Life is ebbs and flows, but we don’t have time for people and things that weigh us down. That ish is for the birds.





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