If Dee's Walls Could Talk

If Dee's walls could talk, I would move out immediately, but you'd want to move in! I have an opinion, and I'm not afraid to use it! Be sure to view older posts if you haven't stopped by in a while!

Just Do It…


Do what you’ve been put here to do. There is absolutely no way around it!

If you’re a writer, write.
If you’re a singer, sing.
If you’re a leader, lead.

Life gives us each something to practice and get better at so that we can be fulfilled in knowing that we have grown. Try and try and try some more. You are always free to keep trying new things to see if they work for you. You don’t have to get it right all the time. You just have to learn.

I write, and read, and teach, and sing, and dance, and swing from poles, and travel, and care-give, and live, and love, and serve because I know no other way to be. It is important to me to simply do what makes me feel good, and necessary, and awesome.

For me, I know when I’m going in the right direction because it feels peaceful. Accept your destiny and make it grow into a life you can be proud of when your great-grandchildren are old. Legacies are to be built.

Sometimes, life is just hard. And sometimes you get tired. When you aren’t happy, you cannot serve. We are given our gifts and talents to service the world. This leads to our happiness. Feel your pain, and learn from it, but you must always strive to return to a place of peace.
Nothing worth its weight is easy to attain. Sometimes, the possibility of a thing is the sweetest motivation.

You are in the perfect place. Right now. You’re either working towards something, or you’ve reached something you worked for, or you’re feeling as though it’s time to work towards something. Everything happens to bring us closer to completion. Nothing is ever in vain.

Smile on it.


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