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I Love The Pole!

2013-10-09 16.25.09

I’m pretty bright. I’m active in my community. A hard-worker…A go-getter if you will. But I have an addiction…

To many things, but more recently to pole dancing.

I know that many people have taken to the pole for fun, or out of curiosity, but most don’t stay with it(and you should stay with it). It’s usually just a thing to knock off of The Female Bucket List. Those of us who have purchased the heels, nursed the bruises, and have stuck with it can relate a little differently.

I’m heading to London this week, and I’ve been invited to Ecole De Pole for a performance. Heels will be packed!

If you can relate to any of the following, then you can definitely relate to being a Poleforma:

1. You schedule a pole dance lesson at 9:00 p.m. on a Sunday, because it’s the only time you have available

2. You redecorate your house based on where you’ll have the most room for your Home Pole

3. Someone says, “How are you,” and you say the humidity’s been kicking your butt, but you finally managed to nail that knee hold.

4. You put more concealer on your legs than on your face.

5. You never lift weights, but your arms are becoming more and more toned by the day.

6. Your bitching about slipping after the latest cold snap doesn’t have anything to do with sidewalks.

7. Your closet has become a storehouse for dozens of boots, 7in heels, shorts, and wife-beaters.

8. Your sweetheart’s friends are in awe at his good luck.

9. You dream of running off to join the circus – and your friends suspect one day you actually will.
10. Your chiropractor asks you how you hurt yourself, and you launch into a 10-minute explanation of your struggles learning the Spatchcock (my fave move)

11. Your search for a new house only includes homes with finished basements so that you can have your own pole studio.

12. You now relate to strippers, and have even considered stripping on the side.

13. When purchasing your stripper heels, you’ve had a convo with an actual stripper, and you both look at the amateurs with all-knowing smiles and disdain at their amateurishness.

14. You consider pole dancing a sport, and NOT a hobby.


One comment on “I Love The Pole!

  1. Justin Davidson
    October 26, 2013

    Hmmmmmm…..(heart racing)

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