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Forgiveness is a Bitch!


Forgiveness came all up in my house last night, met me in the kitchen
Started sweeping my floor, and then grabbed a mop
Floors were clean, and the trash was emptied
Taunting me with cleanliness and order
Then this bitch stole my pens
Talmbout if I held on to them I’d probably just write another poem

This heffa wiped tears I hadn’t cried
Had me smiling
Listening more and talking less
Telling me to suck it up and move on
Girl, you’re fine
And more than fine

What is there left to do after I’ve forgiven you?
After I have forgiven myself?
Traces of us leaving my soul and becoming ashes
Forgiveness swept them up
Now what?

All the tragedies
Their luster is lost
Death, abandonment, pain

I kept going to war
Geared up for battles
But I was the only one that showed up
In the trenches, alone
…the fool

Forced into a maturity my heart wasn’t ready for
No more complaints
No twitches when seeing your name
Too much comfort existed in pain

But forgiveness…
Forgiveness is a big ol’ bitch
Keeps the past in the past
Makes me no longer stagnant
Is it peace?
Over seas
Hours of sleep
A future unknown
Still beautiful to me,
But in my future I don’t see


2 comments on “Forgiveness is a Bitch!

  1. Rick Griggs
    October 20, 2013

    Doc P. Enjoying your words as you share them. It’s a different side of you and I love it!

  2. Justin Davidson
    October 26, 2013

    This is really good DP! Would love to hear you read it. Remember Apache and DaveandB on Sundays?

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