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Raspberry Ginger Ale?


The more things stay the same…the more things change.

I know I said it backwards, but it just works this way sometimes. For me. Lately.

Looking back feels so damn good. The memories wrap you up in a shell of goodness. It’s cozy. Like a cup of hot chocolate. With marshmallows.

But you never recall burning your tongue. Or how quickly the marshmallows disappear. You just relish in that first sip. That first, tasty sip.

Then, the seasons change. You discover smoothies. Healthier. Yummy. Totally different.

Can’t burn your tongue, either.

But hot chocolate is so damn good. Smoothies work in all seasons, though. And they’re better for you. And you can switch up the flavors. Endless possibilities…

Nothing like hot chocolate, but definitely more beneficial.

No recuperation from a burnt tongue…

You don’t always have to compare.Or choose. Whenever you think you’ve got it figured it out, you don’t.

Especially when there’s Raspberry Lemonade. And raspberry ginger ale. And ice cold Coca-Cola, or water with lime…

My best decisions, the ones I’ve never regretted, have always come from listening to myself.

Doing what feels right.

It’s simple really!


2 comments on “Raspberry Ginger Ale?

  1. William Walker
    September 2, 2013

    Alright, Dr. Perry. You know we’ve known each other since 98???? You’ve made me proud youngster!

  2. Tori Weinman
    September 2, 2013

    That hot chocolate warms you all the way up! But you’re right, you ALWAYS burn your tongue! Damnit!!!!!

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