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Angels and Unicorns


There’s a lot of new stuff going on in my life these days. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone. I don’t know what the next step is or where God is leading. I just know He is.

I have found my voice. I have always been concerned about all of my friends and loved ones. You might say that we all are, however I have always been SUPER-CONCERNED. If you tell me about a problem, I will not only assist you in solving it, but I will stay on the mission until it is completed.

But this year, 2013, I realized that not one single, solitary living soul has done that for me. My family is virtually non-existent, and even before my brother’s deaths and my mom’s disability, they didn’t love me that way. No tears over here. I tell you this only because it is the root of my love-overcompensation. In friendships and relationships, I loved more when others loved less. When I finally felt the same type of love in return, I questioned it, and then tested its limits.

Now, I know exactly what types of friendships and relationships feed me, and what types leave me feeling empty. I’m waiting for God to give me what I need. He knows the desires of my heart, and has always provided for me better than I can imagine.

I’m striving to stop asking how and when. I just need to know the One who knows the how and when.
I am absolutely certain that I am where I am because God has led me here. I am intimidated, but not fearful. I am unsure, but not scared. I am honored that He has chosen me, but not arrogant.

Lord, continue to develop in me a heart that is not impressed with me, or any others around me. Let me only be impressed with You.


3 comments on “Angels and Unicorns

  1. Cynt Cochran
    June 26, 2013

    Missed your blogs lady! I know we didn’t grow up together but I really value our cousinship! You are one of the coolest family members heck people that I know. Love love love love love you!

  2. Tyeisha
    July 3, 2013

    Definitely can relate to this post. Very interesting how it takes 1/3 of life (since we are in the 30’s now) to realize that we have to work on building a growing relationship with God, and once we get that relationship right..then he will provide us with quality earthly relationships.

    • IfDee'sWallsCouldTalk
      July 3, 2013

      So beautifully stated! I feel like I’m always learning and growing spiritually. Sometimes it’s a struggle to accept the new you! 🙂 thank you for supporting my thoughts!

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