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Good Grief



It’s a sucky thing.  It even looks weird when written. (Did you notice that alliteration?)

It’s deep. Too deep.  So deep.  But it’s unavoidable.  I don’t like to grieve.  Who the hell does?


A lot of people avoid it.  They bury it deep down inside and it usually eeks out in other harmful ways.


A lot of people get stuck in grief.  They wallow in it, and life becomes a never-ending pity party.


A few, superhuman people, embrace it and go through the stages naturally.


Me, I’m an avoider.  I work to avoid the pain.  I help other people, and volunteer my time.  I read, and entertain, and talk on the phone.  I keep living.  But not really.  I just have a need to keep moving.

I learned, though.  Or, I grew up.  I think that I just pray more.  Yep, that’s it.  I tried reaching out and being more vulnerable in relationships and friendships.  Didn’t work for me so much.

So, I talk to God.  All the time.

I pretty much just cry when I need to, laugh and remember the happy times, and move forward one teeny weeny step at a time.

Grief isn’t bad.  It’s just a necessary part of life.

Some grief is good, and some is bad.

How do you deal with grief?


One comment on “Good Grief

  1. Reginald Adams
    March 5, 2013

    I’m also an avoider! Still have to work on that.

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