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Hello, my name is Deona, and I…


…love to write.

Maybe it’s because I can polish myself up quite a bit before hitting send or publish.  I can use my trusty online thesaurus and find a fancier word for the word angry or great.  Because if I find that fancier word, I might just impress some of my readers.

But I won’t impress all of you.

Because the people I like to associate with love to correct me.  I remember when I was 10, and my 6 year old brother corrected my pronunciation of the word “isle” (I said “I suhl”. “ Īl”, he happily corrected me).  My mom and brothers laughed for days, years even, at my spedishness.

Besides my habit of unacceptable or bad pronunciation, and there’s a word it, cacoepy (kaˈkōəpē), I also have a habit of second-guessing myself.  Writing, therein, cures both problems.  My strange sense of humor always shines best when read, too.

I’m a genius to have realized all of this, right?

Yep.  Because on this blog, when writing educational journal pieces on children with reading disabilities, and even in my own personal journal, I can believe that my college education was well worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

But really, I’m still just Deona.  DP.  BigSisterGorjusOne.  The lightskinded girl from WV who used to wish for a little extra melanin, especially on cold days, and who laughs way too loud.  The woman who drawls her words, and still has pretend concerts in her head when music is on and she’s alone in the house.

And I’m good with that.

If I didn’t write, I would have to keep too many things on the inside.

And who has time for that?


One comment on “Hello, my name is Deona, and I…

  1. Chris McGinest
    February 27, 2013

    I love that you love to write! And don’t ever stop drawling those words LMBO!

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