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SB47 – The Game and Bey’s Concert

2013-02-01 06.99.35

This weekend has been great! Boy did I need it!  After this weekend, I have no more party left in me for a while.  I’m tired. Or old.  Maybe both.  Started the day with yumminess from Cafe Du Monde.

2013-02-03 01.28.56

We were able to go on the field before the game, and it was pretty cool.

2013-02-03 11.42.13 2013-02-03 16.08.18

The Big Game started off with great performances from Alicia Keys and J.Hud! Both ladies looked beautiful, and they had voices to match.  So proud to be a black woman during SB47.

The first half of the game was almost uneventful!  I always go for the underdog in these situations, but I also like Leach and Flacco.  I painted my nails in favor of the Ravens, but my toes are Falcons for fo life!  As we entered, we received these finger lights to use doing Lady Carter’s performance.

Jacoby Jones! Jacoby Jones! Jacoby Jones!  Jacoby Jones! Jacoby Jones! Jacoby Jones! Jacoby Jones!

To start the second half, Jacoby Jones makes a 109-yd kick return for a TD.  Sweet!  Didn’t get a pic of that, cause I had to give Tori back her cell.  By the way, still taking donations for a new and improved phone!

And theeeeeeeeeeeeen, out goes the power!

During the brief hiatus I was just celebrating the fact that I wasn’t at home listening to Shannon Sharpe! Ick!

SanFran finally started showing signs of life, but it was too little too late! Congrats, B’More.  Still a bit salty from my Falcons loss, so let’s just end this here.  Adding photos at the end.  They tell their own story.



3 comments on “SB47 – The Game and Bey’s Concert

  1. Tori W.
    February 4, 2013

    HAHAHA! I’ll donate $20 to the newcellphone cause!

  2. IfDee'sWallsCouldTalk
    February 14, 2013

    Waiting on that donation!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. George Cuffee
    February 27, 2013

    After reading these SB posts I’m feeling like we need to get the Get Fresh Crew back together. Was telling someone the other day how we used to get lil side hustles going to get to the big payoff. Miss you guys. Haven’t been motivated like that sense. Conference call next week. Call me.

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