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2013-02-02 02.17.42

The Super Bowl should be hosted in New Orleans each and every year!  It has the flash and the space…the glitz and the glamour.  It’s not so over the top that you’re overwhelmed, and it’s not so dull that you’re bored as hell.  I don’t think the party has stopped since Thursday night according to crowd-goers.  Mardi Gras mixed with Super Bowl Weekend – Great Idea!  I’m sure I’ve gained 20lbs this weekend, and I have only slept a few combined hours.  Day 2 is in the books!

Stop #1 found us Red Fish Grill.  It was very tasty, but I was full fast! I didn’t want to carry food around all day so I had to leave my leftovers. Just a little while after we left the restaurant we came across Guy Fieri grilling brats.  We had to try one – it was aight. 2013-02-02 13.59.83

Celebrity Beach Bowl – This was an interesting event – Snoop and Lil Wayne playing football in the sand?!  2013-02-02 26.30.04 2013-02-02 24.10.99

Afterwards, we attended the NFL Player Network Experience – Killa Cam and LT.

2013-02-02 14.07.41 2013-02-02 16.03.31 2013-02-02 24.07.09 2013-02-02 06.73.55

What was cool about this year’s Super Bowl festivities were the lively parties going on in the streets.  You didn’t have to have tickets to any of the events to enjoy yourself.  Partying and eating, and eating and partying.  The night was topped off with a bunch of parties – GQ, Maxim, ESPN Audio… We found ourselves at the Maxim Party.  The pictures from inside came out very grainy.  By the way, the Samsung Galaxy Note is EVERYTHING!  Would make a perfect gift! Hint, hint…

2012-02-02 36.15.20 2013-02-02 06.03.91 2013-02-02 18.07.44 2013-02-02 03.06.20 2013-02-02 20.15.42



  1. Chris McGinest
    February 6, 2013

    Looks like a good time! I have the Note and it’s good.

  2. IfDee'sWallsCouldTalk
    February 14, 2013

    Since the Note is old to you now, McGinest, give it to meeeeeeeee!

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