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2013-02-01 08.09.52

January 2013 has been quite educational for me.  I’m definitely not into resolutions, but January was the beginning of many new journeys.  I have a lot that I’m working on, and I’m more excited than anxious.

I planned to spend my Friday night curled up in the bed – money was funny and I had little sleep from the night before.  Then, however, I received the best advice of my life from the most unlikely of sources – “You’re young. It’s Friday night…do something!”  Damn right!

Just a few hours later…2013-02-01 08.50.16


Harrah’s Casino New Orleans


I’m not a gambler by any means.  Arrived with my girls, and hit the slots.  It was fun and exciting, but I don’t like to lose money so I began to be the hype woman for my friends.  Standing next to a group of winning Italians led to me being someone’s muse.  My prize was a $1000 chip! Cha-ching!  Next stop, Mother’s Restaurant.


2013-02-01 15.09.13

Mother’s Restaurant

Yummy for my tummy.  This restaurant is a must-visit in the N.O.  I’ve been a few times, and I have mixed emotions about it.  Perhaps, it depends on what you eat.  The staff was still beaming about Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropping in a week ago.  Way cool!  The shrimp po boy I had was deeeeelish!  Next stop, Masquerade Club.

2013-02-01 13.57.05






Masquerade Club

Snoopy DO Double G.  High. High. High. High. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!  To Bourbon St…

2013-02-01 10.06.22 2013-02-01 12.17.80 2013-02-01 10.15.12 2013-02-01 09.18.52










Bourbon St.

The party in the street is still going on, but ya girl is sleepy as hell.  5:30am. Nite Nite.

2013-02-01 20.55.72 2013-02-01 13.59.80




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