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JANUARY 13, 2013

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I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN’ HAPPY TODAY!  Celebrated Founder’s Day with a great church sermon with over 13,000 beautiful, intelligent, sanctified Deltas at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center.  I told my sister and Line Sisters that I was feeling a bit ill and Crip-walked back to the hotel in time for the second half of the Falcons game!  A great friend of mine, A, was updating me via text about the score so I was feeling pretty excited.  However, in true Falcons fashion, they made the second half uber eventful.  I was shaking and visibly distraught after the Seahawks took the lead, but I’m a true fan so I blocked out the naysayers around me and sent my prayers to the Dome!  When Bryant missed the field goal, my brain wouldn’t accept it, and that Seahawks timeout agreed!  Alas, Matt Bryant blessed us all with the most beautiful field goal I’ve ever seen!!!

Oh, it wasn’t pretty!  It was a nasty azz win!  But we’ll take it!

It was the most dramatic Atlanta football game I’ve ever watched, and I needed to document these feelings for future reference.  My blood pressure is through the roof.  My hair is a frizzy mess from the sweat dripping from me.  My heart beat is unnatural.  And my Atlanta Falcons are NFC Championship Bound!

In my own words to my Powder Puff football teammates in 97, “Shit just got real!”


Tickets go on sale at 10am tomorrow morning!


Headed back to my devastating divas in 5-4-3…


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