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LOVE’S CARE COUSIN              


This is my very first blog post, and I’m excited! This blog was born out of boredom, and a current inability to express my thoughts to others effectively.  Please be advised, I have an opinion about EVERYTHING, and despite constant trips to church, I still judge! And hard.  Don’t be offended, or do, but if I don’t express myself I fear that I will shave off my eyebrows and draw them back on with a CD marker.

Now that we’re past the introductions…I want to talk about Love’s Care Cousin.  We shall use the abbreviation of LCC for further reference.

Love’s Care Cousin is that emotion between love and lust.  It’s so close to love and lust that threesome’s have been explored.  You can be in love, and lust. You can lust, and love.  You know you’re experiencing Love’s Care Cousin when you’re love equations don’t make sense:

He/She dates other people + He/She never calls you first = I still have a shot

He/She only calls after hours + He/She doesn’t spend significant time with you = Work keeps them busy

He/She shuts down during times of strife + He/She doesn’t communicate for days afterwards = That’s just their way

He/She cheats or does cheatISH things + He/She asks for space = We can get over anything

Lunacy, right?!

Nope! We’ve all done it. Most of us are still doing it.  Hope is what keeps us alive, right? But why do we take it so far?  Is it because we don’t want to be rejected? Are we avoiding the inevitable?

LCC arrives when you’re in love, and you realize that you are not being loved back. Or, when you’re in lust, and you realize that the other person has changed their expectations.

We’re not robots, and we cannot turn our feelings on or off quickly, but we can change the outcome of our equations by accepting our realities.  LCC is a necessary part of our love development.  You can’t always recognize how significant and wonderful a particular relationship is if you’ve never experienced the ins and outs of love.

Just remember, though, you can ease out of LCC mode by using new math.  When your love equations make perfect sense, you’ll know you’re doing it right!


Photo Courtesy of:  Tim Furlow


7 comments on “LOVE’S CARE COUSIN

  1. Sherean
    January 4, 2013

    I thinks its great, and it put my blog to shame. Finally a place where your thoughts can be expressed and understood!

    • IfDee'sWallsCouldTalk
      February 14, 2013

      Just figured out that there is a reply button on posts. My blog is just different, but thanks. Can’t wait to read your next installment. Get it together over there!

  2. Dubya
    January 4, 2013

    Love’s Care Cousin! Love that! I think most of us are in that in between stage and don’t realize it. Are we ever on the same page? Good post, cuzzin! That photo sets it off too.

    • IfDee'sWallsCouldTalk
      February 14, 2013

      Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzin! Thanks for checking me out ChocolateT…I think that love is the bestest thing ever! That’s why we go so crazy trying to get it, while we’re in it, and after it’s over! Kiss my little man for me!

  3. Mike
    January 7, 2013

    Man, I really like this. I’m in LCC right now and didn’t even know it. My damn love equations don’t match! Fuck! LOL

  4. Chris McGinest
    February 6, 2013

    Check out DP! Sorry took so long to check it out. “charge it to my brain and not my heart” lol!

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